About Kay

I’m a Visionary, Author, Global Speaker, Minister, Financial Coach and Entrepreneur. To many I’m their Accountant and Financial advisor, to others, Mom, Auntie, Coach, Partner and Friend. Above all I would say I’m a daughter of God, my everything who has graced me with love, truth, knowledge, wisdom, and a love for humanity.

From a child I was fascinated with business, wealth, and finance and my love of reading would pull my attention to almost everything that had to do with money and business. I watched my mother as a child operate her hair salon seven days a week, taught many young ladies the skill until she migrated.

It’s no surprise that I followed her and focused my education and career in business and finance. I started investing in the stock market as soon as I turned 18, I couldn’t wait as I have already met, interviewed and spent an amble amount of time with Multimillionaires. I learned many things, that gave me an advantage which was a blessing as a young black female in a new country of America. I absorbed and listened, I took instructions, observed and continued learning, always learning, always doing a course to this day.

I love to see people grow and prosper financially and spiritually. I’m super happy when I see people set goals, pursue and accomplish them. The joy it brings fulfils my purpose. I desire to see people have True Prosperity, as we were made to prosper, grow and increase in every area of our lives.

Join me along this amazing journey as we live in True Prosperity!


Keneice Kay Henriques


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