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The Golden Coaching One-to-One program. This program is for individuals who are committed to advance to the next level, ready to pursue their destiny and live a prosperous life. They are ready to make the necessary mental, emotional and financial commitment

True Prosperity Coaching Monthly Live Classes

The Live Monthly coaching class are for those who are just beginning their financial journey or for those who started, stopped and desire to get back on the journey

Money In Motion Events 2 Day Conference

Money in Motion is my annual conference. An empowering Life changing two day event, with special guest speakers and coaches

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My coaching program guarantees results, as long as your work it and commit to it. Your life will be changed for the greater

Since I Started Coaching with Kay, I have bought 3 Properties, grown my business from $500k to $15mil and growing. Grown spiritually, giving to humanity from my substance and living the life I wanted.​​

Carol Hill

Let Your wants Become Your Reality! Live the Dream in Abundant Riches!

Money answers many questions, solve many problems and fulfil many desires. We live in abundant world that God created, he knew that we will have desires and hopes for a Great Life and He knows we need and want Money. Riches are Yours, you will only need to open your Heart and Mind to Receive it, once you make that decision the journey becomes fun, filling and creative.


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Close the door on stagnation and being stuck financially. Make the decision today for you and your generation


Starting Seeing Results

Results matter, it keeps you inspired and motivated. The joys of success and victory are undefeatable and unstoppable


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Your have dreamed it, you wanted it. Now you can see Prosperity all around you! Whatever it is to you, I’m thrilled for you!

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