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I can support you in achieving the results you’re looking for. Together we will make your Financial dreams a Reality!

Kay Henriques
The World’s True Prosperity Coach

Visionary, Author, Global Speaker, Minister, Financial Coach, Advisor and Entrepreneur. To many I’m their Accountant and Financial advisor, while others regard me as their Mom, Auntie, Coach, Partner and friend. Above all  I’m a daughter of God, my everything, who has graced me with love, truth, knowledge, wisdom, as well as a love for humanity.

Being an Accountant for over 18 years, Financial coaching and advising came naturally in the early years.  I have worked with various clients both individuals and businesses across many industries and income brackets. Many have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes, others have see their businesses grow tremendously, while others have accomplished personal financial goals beyond their wildest imaginations. I enjoy seeing people grow and prosper financially and spiritually. I’m ecstatic when I see people set goals, and pursue and achieve them. The joy it brings fulfills my purpose. I desire to see people experience True Prosperity, because we were created to prosper, grow, and increase in every aspect of our lives.

Join me along this incredible journey to True Prosperity!

A Truly Prosperous Life is Promised to All Who Dare to Seek It, Find It & Live It

Keneice Kay Henriques

True Financial Prosperity Starts with a Single Step

Take a Step today for your tomorrow

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